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tv   11 News at 5  NBC  August 28, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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-- barely 15, robert gladden is the 10th grader who turned perry hall high-school into a shooting scene. daniel borowy was wounded but it could have been worse. >> the suspect brought a broken- down shotgun in pieces that could be reassembled. he also brought 21 rounds of 16- gauge, 7.5 shot. >> the first part of the day appeared normal. he rode the bus to school and attended first and secondary class and went to lunch for the third period he went to the bathroom where he had hidden again and returned to the cafeteria with the shotgun assembled. >> he entered the cafeteria and pulled the shotgun from his clothing. it was at this moment that our
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brave school educator, our counselor saw this activity as he was pulling it out of his clothing and began to rush him. >> he allegedly got two shots off. the first hit 17-year-old daniel borowy in the back. the gun, a double barreled shotgun before -- made before 1968 came from the home of robert gladden's father. the question is motive. >> we are aware of many reports that the suspect was a victim of bullying. we cannot confirm those reports. conversationsn's have not indicated bullying was an issue in this case. >> he also brought a bottle of vodka with him. they do not believe he was impaired or drunk. he is undergoing mental health
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evaluation tonight in a hospital. investigators do continue to speak with him. for more on the background, dave collins is also live in baltimore county. >> police and school officials will say that they're investigating his background. family -- a family friend said robert gladden suffers from dyslexia and students made fun of his disability. unemotional, that is how a source describes the demeanor of 15-year-old robert gladden since he was in custody. many classmates contend he was bullied. >> we are aware of reports that the suspect was a victim of bullying. we cannot confirm those reports. >> his facebook page is puzzling. he posted "suicidesmile" next to his name. and this message, first day of
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school last a of my life. [expletive] the word. -- world. weird stuff like cutting out and stapling himself. another sign. no indication that he would become violent. >> we're working with the baltimore county police department. >> we're reviewing multiple social media sites. we're trying to reconstruct what was said, including what and who did what. we will get many social media sides to address that issue. >> perhaps a clue could be found in his home life. greeted visitors,
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911." don't call his dad had never slot -- runs with a lot. -- the law. drugs were found in the home. he is being held at the bend -- baltimore county detention center on a no bail status. his parents are not be allowed to visit. >> thank you. as police continued to piece together what happened, it was back to school for parents, teachers, and students. >> in the middle of the nervousness and fear, there was a message of hope. they're trying to look forward tonight. >> a sense of calm this has returned to the campus. the attendance rate was around 92%. there are lots of memories of
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what happened. >> it is still near fracking. we do not know what to expect. hal the students are going to iraq. we just do not know. it is going to be shaky. people are -- they're not like, a lot of people said we should have school. we should take a day and kind of relax and be with their families and everything. >> more than 100 students began the day at the flagpole to pray. local pastors were on hand to offer spiritual support. >> they playegreat for the victd the young man who did the shooting. every name that was praying was naming the names of both of those. >> a classmate they called dannell. one student says he is -- has a heart of gold. >> he has the best personality.
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he loved being around people. he never had any fights with anybody. and for this to happen to him a receipt for something like that to happen. it is sad. >> he always gave hugs to everybody. everyone respected him. they treated him the same. >> administrators say will take time for the building to return to normal but they're convinced the got off to a good start. having the children back into the school, we knew we would have these -- adults to support them and having the internment and talking to students that -- they have been rallying around the school in the community to help in any way they can. >> the school counselor was not on campus today. it is expected that police and
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the crisis team will be back here tomorrow. max thank you. stanhope of the latest developments on tonight's big story. watch live updates on your smartphone or tablet device on you will find updates and eyewitness accounts from students. >> 11 news is getting word of a water rescue in baltimore county. skyteam 11 was over the scene moments ago abovem frog mortar creek. two were recovered from the water. one is not accounted for. we will bring you in the late breaking development. baltimore city has a new police commissioner. anthony w. batts. he is the former chief of the oakland, calif. police and the long beach police. barry sims has more from
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downtown baltimore. >> the incoming police commissioner said he was humbled by the opportunity to serve and he has witnessed a crime already. >> dr. anthony w. batts. >> the mayor introduced baltimore's new police commissioner, dr. anthony w. batts, saying he is dedicated to reducing crime. >> this was a rigorous selection process that included excellent local and national applicants. >> cmd /c nets he saysh fir is allew cryan inbaltimore. >> c p mw it reminded me of when i worked in narcotics. when they're doing that in broad daylight that is something that we will have to address. >> he served as police chief in
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long beach and oakland, california. he replaces fred bealfeld who retired. the mayor has drawn criticism for choosing fm outside the police department. >> he brings with him experience and two police departments, overseeing a significant reductions in violent crime. he also has a fresh set of lies. >> she wants him to continue the crime-fighting strategy police are following. >> i am into finding out about crime. i am down to the nth degree. i want to know the names of the people and their history. i want to know who in the heroin and who is doing pharmaceutical drugs and who is dealing marijuana, where they are coming from. i want to know all those things. >> gun violence must remain a priority.
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he called -- said that violence needs to stop and hopefully he will address that. >> it is the property crime, the breeze. that is what is causing people to leave the city and people from not moving into the city. >> the commissioners starts his new position september 27. >> thank you. it was a crime that shocked customers at towson town center. two of the men accused are in a baltimore county courtroom. they're on trial for first- degree murder. the along with two other men plotted to kill rodney pridgett near nordstrom's last year. court officials say the other suspects will appear in court at
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a later date. >> an area that is recovering in hospital after city police say he was robbed at gunpoint while stopped in his car at a red light. it happened at the intersection of apple street and edmondton. two men approached the vehicle, and pulled out again. the man was able to escape but not before it one of the suspects fired shots. please do not believe the culprits in the victim and believe it was the attempted robbery. drivers in the bay bridge can take a big, collective sigh of relief. lane closures have caused these delays and they are no longer in effect. the traffic headaches were the result of an unscheduled inspection by maryland transportation officials. you're looking live at conditions on the bay bridge from skyteam 11. here to explain more about today. the congestion is capt. roy taylor. >> what you're looking at right
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now is the culprit of what caused that connection while workers were working on the bay bridge. they felt an unusual vibrations. it turns out the wind going through the scaffolding is what caused that vibration trade we have video to show you the aftermath. from what we extend a said -- they said to experts on top to make sure it was still safe. that caused a huge back up that went all the way on the eastern shore past and to the split where 301 and 50 mi and caused major traffic issues for people going from the western shore to the eastern shore as it was backed up. officials say the bridge is safe and they have removed portions of the covering around the scaffolding that caused the issue. i am captain retailer. >> thank you. vibrations on the bridge.
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the fda approves a medication to treat hiv but it may be out of the reach of most patients. we'll explain. >> new concern along the gulf coast as hurricane as it moves forward. we will tell you how new orleans plans to handle a possible 12- foot storm surge. >> some beautiful weather for the mid-atlantic. the insta-weatherplus forecast is next.
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>> the winds may be clocking in at 75 miles an hour but there is a concern about the gulf coast. as hurricane is it moves toward land fall. it could trigger as much as 20 inches if -- of rain where petraeus storm surge. the army corps of engineers has closed the floodgates and that is the first for the crescent city. the floodgates and system of levees was built in response to hurricane katrina's devastation and it is the largest pumping station in the world. >> now your 11 insta-weatherplus
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forecast with chief meteorologist tom tasselmyer. >> that nasty storm on the gulf coast not an impact on the weather for the next few days. perhaps of a labor day weekend. we're getting set for some late august weather. it is warm out there right now. 91 in downtown baltimore. 88 in frederick. and on the muddy side but northwest breezes are starting to bring in some drier air. the dew point measures that. the lower the dew point, the dry air and more comfortable the areas. the dew point is 54. temperatures will be warm and it will feel very nice. 58 sabres, 66 downtown. the skies were clear of and sunset at 7:43 pm north wind out of the northwest at 5 to 10 miles an hour. the school from winter with some scattered showers in high-
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pressure in and out of southern canada. look how comfortable the air is here. this is moving into the mid- elected. the high pressure system will fork isaac and peoplkeep it awy a couple of days. the track of that might sneak around the backside of that high pressure system and arrive here. the future cash shows severe clearing. it should be nice. it should be nice in the 50's and 60's and highs in a low 80's. braise taps into the drier air. sunrise at 6:33 a.m. and setting at 7:41 p.m. tomorrow evening. the one to 2 foot shot on the bay. water temperatures are in the low 80's. highs in the 70's. less humid conditions children in a little bit of a breeze. eastern shore locations will climb into the 80's but it will
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feel nice. at the coast, some nice weather. if you thin, high clouds. mostly sunny and highs around 80. less humid tomorrow and comfortable into thursday and friday as well. in the gulf, we have seen isaac become a hurricane. it strengthened into a category one hurricane. it is over that 74-mile an hour threshold but some of the oil platforms have clocked some high winds. there are some stories above sea level. we're getting a 76 mile an hour best. one of them out there this afternoon clocked at 91 miles per hour. there are some strong winds imbedded in this large storm that is inching toward the louisiana coast line and winds are gusting up to a tropical storm force in new orleans. expected to make landfall this evening. wind speeds have come up at 80 miles per hour. that is the latest check from
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the national hurricane center. it will take a couple more hours to make landfall at 30 miles offshore. it will dump the heavy rain and slowly weakened to a tropical depression. these areas need the rain so it is good news for them. at into illinois. it makes the turn to the northeast as we get deeper into the weekend. it might bring some moisture and showers on the lower -- on the labor day weekend. 57 thursday morning and lots of sunshine. on the warm side friday but not too bad humidity-wise. if the remnants get here from saturday and sunday and on labor day, we could see some showers or thunderstorms developing. >> the fda has approved a new pill to treat hiv. the problem is, many patients will not able to afford it. the drug is called stribold.
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the pill is as effective as other drugs but the convenience comes at a high cost. $28,000 a year which some say is too much for public health programs to afford. the manufacturer says the price is in line with other treatments for hiv. some mangoes imported from mexico could be linked to some cases of salmonella. they are recalling out of "an abundance of caution." 80 cases have popped up in california and washington state. no deaths from them have been reported. studies of the at the risk of the various forms of birth control are constantly going on but the results can be confusing. a study in the british medical journal said non-oral contraceptives like rings, implants, and skin patches carry a higher risk for blood clots
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study of birth a stead control pills said blood clots are risk. the bottom righline, all risks should be discussed with your doctor. >> the republican national convention is in full swing after a one-day delay due to hurricane is it. what is expected in the next couple of days and why ann romney will be appearing tonight. >> baltimore chooses a new >> baltimore chooses a new police
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>> republican delegates are making up for lost time after being postponed yesterday. >> they are ready to nominate mitt romney as their candidate for president. and romney is expected to address the crowd. she called the biggest speech of her life. we have the latest from tampa. >> good evening from tampa.
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hit is the republican convention. talk has switched from hurricane as it to mitt romney. mitt romney flight to tampa for and the biggest breach of his political life. she brought aboard cakes' she said she baked. she urged readers to consider what she calls the right things. mitt romney will watch his wife's speech and go back out campaigning. if she is nervous, she did not show it at her walk through. rnc delegates anxious to get going got -- after a one got canceled cannot wait to hear. >> i think and romney -- ann romney is the greatest spokesperson mitt romney can have. >> and gov. chris christie pfautz mitt romney's political
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savvy. >> he worked across the aisle to get things done and stands for his principles. >> they hope that the speace ways undecided voters. >> we want to make people stop and evaluate where we are. >> this convention will come to order. republicans have competition for the nation's attention. president obama involved in the government response but mitt romney tonight and pl ryan are nominated by roll-call of the states. two of the biggest gains here, and romney and chris christie will start a three days republican pressure to change presidents. >> a maryland farmer returns home to find 70,000 chickens dead. >> police say one man may be
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behind it all. how investigators think he did it straight ahead. >> parent's role in helping their kid back to school after yesterday's shooting in perry hall
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>> live, local, late breaking. you're watching wbal tv 11 news. wbal tv 11 is at 5:00 p.m.
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continues now. >> i was right every year in one --over here in room 134. he said we are on lockdown. robert gladden is being held on bail after he came with a bottle of vodka, disassembled shot gun, and 21 rounds of ammunition. >> it was more than 40 years old and he took that gun from his father's house. jane miller joins us live with more of a breaking details. >> robert gladden was tersely that -- charged late last night. james johnson provided details and said the teenager who was a 10th grader wrote the bus to school yesterday with a double
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barreled shotgun broken-down in his book bag. once at school he went to his first and second period classes and he got the gun which was hidden in the bathroom and put it together and got of one-shot before being restrained by the guidance counselor and others in the school. that shot hit 17-rolled -- 17- year-old daniel borowy. as for, still not clear. many reportse of that the suspect was a victim of bullying. we cannot confirm those reports. robert gladden's conversations with investigators have not indicated bullying was an issue in this case. the investigation is not complete. we continue to talk with him and others. at this point, we have not
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received a intimation that bullying played a role in this crime. >> as we have reported, others to know him -- you know him say that he was the victim of bullying. he is undergoing a mental health evaluation and being held without bail. the shooting but more than 24 hours later, the community remains stunned. more on that in the newsroom. >> social workers and psychologists alike agree that there is no easy way for parents to talk to their kids about a shooting at a school. a place where they're supposed to feel safe. listening and taking a proactive approach as the school did can make all the difference in the world when it comes back to getting on with normal life. >> it is back to school once again for students at perry hall high-school less than 24 hours after a near shooting in
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-- after a shooting in a cafeteria. >> it is still under fracking. he did not know what to expect. how the students are going to react, we do not know. >> parents as well. >> if you want us to come back, i am scared. the police said there and i feel she will be saved today. >> when something like this happens, it does frighten the kids in that community and frightens the family and it frightens kids and families around the country. >> an associate professor of social work at the university of maryland says school shootings are not the easiest thing for parents and their children to talk about. he says the most important thing is parents not avoid the issue which can lead to more problems. >> they must sit down and give their kids an opportunity to talk about what they have seen, what they have heard, with their fears and concerns are. and parents need to try to
5:34 pm
listen. >> responsibility falls on the school and its administrators. it is paramount for them to be involved with counselors and people for students to talk to as was done in this case. he applauds the move to head back to school as soon as possible. >> for logger kids stay away that fear can increase and the anxiety associated with that stepping back into school can increase. >> it will be a lot of first day school staff but also cooling down going through another day. >> if parents feel they need help talking to their kids about shootings at school, social workers say the school itself can usually be the best place to find further information on how best to deal with the situation. >> thank you. you can keep up with all the late breaking details on tonight's big story as they
5:35 pm
develop. we have more pictures from the scene and videos from eyewitnesses on our website, >> we will take you back out to some breaking news we brought you at the top of the hour. it water rescue. two people have been recovered but crews reportedly are continuing their search for one more person. back to capt. roy taylor and skyteam 11. >> this happened shortly after 4:00 p.m. where there were four people about. they ended up in foster people in depth in the water. passers-by were able to rescue two of the individuals. waterurth person ihn thn the is a 52-year-old man. they're actively searching under water in an area at middle river near frog water creek. the people rescued were transported to story point.
5:36 pm
that is were there right now. is an ongoing investigation and a search for 152-year-old that is still missing. >> we will take a look at the other top stories. the trial continues for two of the men accused of murder outside the tollison town center. they are facing first-degree murder charges in the death of 19-year-old rodney pridgett. will continue later in the week. remember to lock your doors when you're in the vehicles. police say a man was stopped at a red light along edmonton avenue when two men helped inside and held him at gunpoint. the victim managed to escape and ran away.
5:37 pm
one of the suspects opened fire, striking the man in the leg. the men remained at large. a 21-year-old maryland man is facing charges for killing 70,000 chickens. investigators say that joshua shelton was found in the control shed wearing a t-shirt and boxer shorts and reeking of of all. he turned off the electricity in three houses and is charged with burglary, destruction of property command crisscrossing -- and trespassing. >> officials do not believe the motive behind the shooting was bullying but the suspect's attorney believes that is not the case. the case. >> ray rice is speaking now
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pre-season game to take care of. let's check in with jerry sandusky. >> it did not take very long for the kicker to find a new team. that name might ring a bell. they released him and kept someone else. not a lot of job security. ray rice pleaded with people to be more kind. he spoke directly today, the saying is sit with someone who was alone. linda helping hand.
5:42 pm
make it a point to be kind and if you see something that is not quite right, say something. you can be here to someone by being their friend. he has posted three different times over 16 hours in response to the perry hall high school shooting. he also posted "be kind!!!!" this kid had a friend to talk to? be the difference for someone. he held a pro-kindness fally. -- rally. >> pilots are allowed to use ipad in the cockpit but passengers are not allowed to
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use handheld electronics at the beginning or end of a flight. those rules could be changing. new rules by the fda could have you turn on your tour is from takeoff to landing. >> isaac started its assault on the coast. details from new orleans coming next. >> nice weather coming away. well is the kids for the
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taiex at 6:00 p.m., the i-team has the latest on the perry hall high school shooting including a look at the alleged gunman who just turned 15. and the look at the 17-year-
5:45 pm
old, a special need student. we will introduce you to dr. anthony w. batts and fill you in on how he planíúñ
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>> some nice summer weather is settling into the mid-of lentic region. lower temperatures but lower humidity. it should make things go nice round here. even at temperatures could approach 90 toward the end of the workweek. with lower humidity it will feel nice. a hand of showers -- band of showers passing through and high pressure will settle in.
5:47 pm
we picked up a few 107 ganesh -- one hundredths of an inch. the afternoon high temperature was warm. 84 is normal. those temperatures will go down in the next couple of days. the humidity levels will also. back-to-back triple digit days in late august in 1948. look at that nice air mass. tatars in the low-to the mid- 70's. 66 downtown and in northwest breeze at 5 to ten. high pressure settles wil it will block is it from coming our way at least immediately. isaac may come in from the ohio valley.
5:48 pm
that is several days away. we hope you can get outside and enjoy and 80 to 85-degree day. sunrise at 6:33 a.m. winds out of the north at five to 15 knots. bay water temperatures in the low 80's. high tide at fort mchenry. all the big weather headlines while we're enjoying the beautiful weather will be down on the gulf coast. the storm is getting close. 35 miles at the mouth of the mississippi and 100 miles away from new orleans and the landscape -- wind speed has, to hurricane force. it can see the wind gusts are over hurricane gusts. sustained winds at 74 make a hurricane. the eye of the storm is not evident and it will not get a lot stronger but it will bring drenching rains and a storm surge and the gusty winds as well. here's the storm track. after it makes landfall tonight,
5:49 pm
it will weaken rapidly and take some beneficial rains into arkansas, missouri indiana. they need the rain. the -- the curve of the store makes it into the ohio valley and maybe toward maryland at the end of the labor day weekend. some of the tropical moisture could bring in some wet weather our way as we get into the weekend. sunny skies for wednesday and thursday. 82 tharoor, 84 and thursday. warm on friday. we will get up around 90. as the remnants of isaac move in, it may get monday. maybe a lingering into tuesday. high temperatures mostly in the 80's through the labor day weekend. everyone is keeping a close eye for hurricane isaac as it is approaching and likely to make landfall this evening. as the storm system comes in, jay grey has the latest report. >> canal street is packed
5:50 pm
usually at this time of day. isaac beginning to move in. the waiting is over. isaac now a full-fledged hurricane. >> we are officially in the fight. the city of new orleans is on the front lines. includest that heavy artillery. lobbying stations are at the ready. the newly restored and rebuild flood protection network now preparing for its first major test. >> we are extremely confident in our ability to defend against the storm. >> one of the primary concerns with this system is the massive amount of rain that could bring -- could be brought to a city already below sea level. this is between 10 and 6 inches of rain. >> in some areas, the battle against mother nature will be
5:51 pm
hand-to-hand combat. national guard troops have moved in to handle that. >> whatever the situation may be, we're prepared and rea plan and we're waiting to execute that based on what happens. >> it is starting to happen like now. flexing as he loves into an area. he has been watching and waiting for days. this is plenty big enough to put a big herd on if you fall into complacency. the biggest challenges are likely still ahead. in the big easy. nothing here will be all that easy. as conditions continue to get worse over the next day or more. in new orleans, wbal tv 11 news. we began with some big news for
5:52 pm
the state and local economy. a major security company is moving its headquarters from london to edgewood in harford county and ringing with that 100 jobs. the company is known for developing equipment used in your related technology like x- ray screening systems and airport security. officials say the move elevates maryland to become a national leader in homeland security. the state will provide alone to assist the major expansion. its shares -- they chose edgewood because of its proximity. airline passengers may soon be able to use their ipads and other electronic devices during a flight. passengers are now required to shut down devices because of worries that signals might interfere with electronics in the cockpit. that if the eight -- cell phones
5:53 pm
come under the jurisdiction of the fcc. seven for local groceries that easier with the click of a mouse. the company has expanded to the baltimore and washington, d.c. region's. you can get online for more than 11,000 items. if you order before midnight, pick up as before midnight. to get you started, go to our website, >> new details are emerging about the perry hall high school high school suiting. what police know about the incident. a closer look at the alleged gunman and a victim -- of the condition of a victim. a 17-year-old from rolen first. >> being paralyzed has not
5:54 pm
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>> michael johnson will be raising this weekend at the grand prix. when he gets into a race car is an inspiration for so many. we have more of the amazing story of michael johnson. >> when he was 12, michael johnson was paralyzed in a motorcycle accident.
5:57 pm
being paralyzed has not stopped him from racing. michael johnson -- for michael johnson, racing is everything. he will be racing in the grand prix and the 2000 series. you have to say 19-year-old michael johnson is unique when it comes to auto racing. you're determined to erase. >> it is what i love to do. >> you have? it when you were 12. did you think it was all over? >> not all. my dad was there to support me and i wanted to continue to race. >> michael was here in phil's. talking to race fans. >> about his specially modified race car that he will be racing this weekend. what kind of speeds? >> the most this year has been
5:58 pm
over 150. this weekend may be over 100. we're looking forward to running on the streets of baltimore. >> after his accident, he was not going to give up and he was determined he would continue to race. >> i would like to make it and car and i would like to win the indy 500. that is anybody's dream but we're more set for everything i went through. >> he is quite the inspiration. >> in his condition and situation, it takes a lot of special talent to make that happen. >> to persevere from what i am assuming happened to him, life does not stop. you have to keep moving and going for your dreams. that is awesome he will be in the race and keep pushing. >> michael johnson will be racing in baltimore this weekend. >> an amazing man.
5:59 pm
we wish him the best of luck. here's a look at what is coming in at 6:00 p.m. >> new details about the suspect in the shooting at perry hall high school as charges are filed. >> the perry hall high school suspect's family speaks out. >> baltimore is getting a new police commissioner. we will tell you who it is coming next. tv watching wbal live, local, late breaking. this is 11 news at 6:00 p.m. >> you do not see it in real life. >> a community built -- still shaken up after a high school student caught -- opened fire in the cafeteria. robert gladden charged as an adult. investigators are informing the public of what led to the violence. >> we have live team coverage.
6:00 pm
stevens did return to classes. david collins has we have so far but we begin with jim miller who has the latest on the investigation. jane is live at police


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